i love you.
je t'aime.
ich liebe dich.
wo ai ni.
9:46 AM
My MSN has been hacked again. Delete my msn from your list. thanks

9:11 AM
10th April 2007

had alot of fun yesterday. went to east coast to skate. its been like few years since i've skated at first was a little scared to skate after warming up wooo the fun comes! haha.. the fast winds blew my face woah so shiok haha.. i miss roller-blading!! maybe i want to get roller-blades for myself.

after skating went to marina south to eat steamboat. was so full till my stomach wana explode..i think i'm really gaining weight.. past 2 days just went to sakura to eat buffet and yesterday was steamboat..damn! and played alot of arcade.. my money is flowing away like water.. haiz.

but anyway i had alot of fun with my dear yesterday. i love you dear!

10:13 AM

yeah! Learned new songs on the guitar

+ Sum 41 - Pieces
- Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
+ Jay Chou - Qing Tian ( Intro only =.= )
- Nickelback - Far Away ( Intro only =.=! )

This maybe not be 'grand' to many but for me its an ACHIEVEMENT!! =D

and also wondering how come I learning guitar on my own when i told some of you guys i scared my fingers can't play piano? Know what? I wanna learn it badly so i don't care LOL! =x
oh and lucky i never take guitar lessons outside when i can learn by myself. SAVE the MONEY!!

8:56 PM

went to genting. was very fun the theme park nothing like Singapore's the roller coaster were big and the best is the weather was cold! haha.. had alot of fun. love the weather!

hope next time i can go with my dear =)

played alot of dota recently..hope i can get better faster..

just now went to je to play house of dead 4..this time was different i was the first to die T_T don't know why but today i play the feeling is different..after that went to eat and dear sent me home. thanks alot of sending me home dear. Love you! =D

10:28 AM

was woken up by my dear at 8.30am..haha cuz we planned to go to the pets competition to see all the pets. when we reached there, there were soooo many dogs around lol and they were soooo cute!! saw a dog look like lion..so scary its breed is chow chow. saw the dog tail-wagging competition. It was so funny la.. the dogs wag their tail and their owner act like crazy to make them wag their tail =.=!! Only saw 1 husky there today. So pretty..

After that went to have lunch with Mike,his father,brother,his father's friends..so pai seh la dun even know his father's friend. but they are friendly ppl =) i had a great time with them.
oh ya..after lunch we drove to pasir ris the place wherer there are alot of animal shelters saw 2 husky and many other dogs i get to touch one of them =D and also saw alot alot of lazy cats. all the cats were sleeping on the floor there were like almost 40 of them and the surrounding was so noisy because of the dogs barkings..i wonder how they can sleep.. The wether was so hot that i got sun burn on my face =.= nose and cheek red like duno what like that zzz

after that me and mike sepearated from them and went his father's friend drove us to bugis =) thanks uncle! it saves the time and suffering from walking from stadium green to kallang mrt station phew.. we went bugis and i bought new flip-flops haha finally bought them.. then we ate Pasta Mania wah.was so full.. getting fat liao >.<

played arcade after that. we played House Of Dead 4 and finally both of us managed to play till the 3rd boss lol after that we went home. I had so much fun dear! Love you lots muackzz!

11:26 AM

Z2H end so fast.. kindof sad. it felt like it was jus yesterday i joined and now the graduation already. wanted to join Z2H2 but afraid that year 2 got alot of project no time to pratice etc.. sigh..

picked up guitar recently. went to websites to learn i played till my finger tips all hurt..tried playin the piano and my finger hurts T_T anyway learned the song Last Kiss by Pearl Jam and Good riddance (Time of your life) by Green Day learned both songs in like less den 2 days haha cuz only few chords. Playin the guitar and singing has been one of my dream and now its coming true!! haha..come to think of it people say im too ambitious..guess its true but at least i can accomplish my dreams. Hmm...got many more dreams haha.. example..Find a job in a pet shop so can play with the animals, drive my father's van, join a rock band outside..go scuba diving aiyo..and many many more..haha..

Going to Genting next week can't wait!!

9:09 PM
Exams Are OVER!!

Finally exams are over!! Both papers were okay. Can do but hope there's no careless mistakes..
Watched the movie 300 at Jurong East. Its a damn nice show..although i didn't quiet understand the storyline.. but its very nice. If you haven't catch it go catch it now! They way they fight so nice so style one turn here poke stomach turn there poke stomach..kind of fun =x The hero is a man of honour and dies for his county..really nice show
Sigh.. Still can't find a suitable job..and as days go by the chance of earning more for my holidays are getting lesser and lesser which also means that my cash are gettin tighter and tigher.
Anyway driving lesson only finished Basic Theroy Lessons..Still got long long way to go... >.<
I'm little confused abt the evaluation and the BTT..gona ask my brother about it.

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there's always that one person
that will always have your heart
you never see it coming
cause you're blinded from the start
know that you're that one for me
it's clear for everyone to see

do you remember girl
i was the one who gave you your first kiss
cause i remember girl
i was the one who said put your lips like this
even before all the fame and
people screaming your name
girl i was there when you were my baby
yes i remember boy
cause after we kissed
i could only think about your lips
yes i remember boy
the moment i knew you were the one
i could spend my life with
even before all the fame
and people screaming your name
i was there and you were my baby

it started when we were younger
you were mine my boo
now another brother's taken over
but its still in your eyes my boo
even though we used to argue it's alright
i know we haven't seen each other
in awhile but you will always be my boo
i was in love with you when we were younger
you were mine my boo
and i see it from time to time
i still feel like my boo
and i can see it no matter
how i try to hide my boo
even though there's another man who's in my life
you will always be my boo